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Adult Princess Aurora Costume,Sleeping Beauty Costume

When your little girl wears the Princess Aurora costume, fairy tales do come true for her. This limited edition costume looks delightful. It has been beautifully detailed, and features a glamorous and intricate design. The shimmering fabric of the costume sparkles with sequins and jewels. While wearing this beautiful costume, your little girl will look strong willed and memorable. She will love to spend a lot of time in the costume, and relive the memories when she first watched Princess Aurora on the screen.Though Disney produces a wide range of costumes for little girls, this one will be your best choice. The costume replicates the beauty and aura of the popular and loving princess. This costume comes with beautiful and sparkling highlights. In addition to this, you can also notice lace and sheer in some areas of the fabric.

The Princess Aurora costume is an authentic product from Disney. It comes with a satin sweetheart-shaped top and pink bodice. The over layer features textured iridescent organza. In addition to this, the top layer comes with textured rhinestones and print details. The organza layer features glittering white floral design raised with rhinestone accents. The costume features satin bodice lining. The sleeves of the costume have puffed shoulder detailing. The shoulder area of the sleeves features different layers in pink organza. The top layer comes with texture patterns and iridescent organza. The costume features a sturdy zip at the back with a high quality jewel button fastener.

The skirt of the costume has six layers. These include a satin lining, a layer of pink satin, a layer of tulle featuring two tiers ruffled tulle, top layer in four different sections over skirting and more. Each layer of the skirt comes with pink satin, pink taffeta, pink organza, textured iridescent organza, rhinestones and textured prints. In addition to this, all the layers feature finished hems. The costume also comes in deluxe organza cover. It features padded satin hanger, gold lame trim, bow and Sleeping Beauty label. The Princess Aurora Costume has been specifically designed to celebrate the return of the Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray and DVD disc. Due to this, the costume is available in limited edition only.

In case you've been looking to purchase this exceptional costume on the Internet, it's important to look for a reputed retailer. There are many major online retail stores that offer authentic products at reasonable prices. This allows you to save some of your hard earned money with special deals and offers. A lot of reputed retailers come up with good discounts on a regular basis. They sell only high quality products, and provide you with savings.Before you purchase this product online, you need to conduct a good research to find the best Cosplay store. This makes sure you get good value for your money. It's important to go through numerous customer reviews and testimonials about the retailer's services. The retailer should also offer good customer support to make sure your problems are resolved quickly.

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